About us


Nik Bazdid has been established in 2016 to provide value-added conformity assessment services to clients. All funders and the management team of Nik Bazdid have long experience in international companies which providing total quality assurance services such as Inspection, certification, Training activities in Iran as well as worldwide market.
Through market investigation we understood:

  • Due to the non-technical issues, most International parties who provided person certification services leave the country.
  • So many educated and trained persons are available in the market but the available process for assuring personnel qualification are not reliable for company and contractors.
  • Most companies and contractors who employ technical staff are suffering about lack of standard and equipped center for certifying person’s qualification.
  • Most certification and Inspection bodies including second and third parties in our country face the problem in their assessment process due to the lack of qualification evidence of personnel not only in the audited or inspected client but also in their bodies.

Therefore, we plan to gather a well-qualified team and invest in the Certification System of Person Qualification and set these objectives for 2021.

Mission, vision and Objectives


To exceed our clients’ expectation with providing most trusted personal qualification system in accordance with international standards as well as national and local rules and regulations.


Our vision is to be the first and most trusted partner in assurance of person qualification for all Interested Party in IRAN.

Objectives of 2021

1. Planning and establish our management system in accordance with ISO17024:2012.
2. To be accredited by an international accreditation body in accordance with ISO 9712:2012 –Qualification and certification of NDT personnel in PT, MT, UT, RT, VT - all levels.
3. To be accredited by an international accreditation body in accordance with ISO 9606:2012 - Qualification testing of welders in Scope of:

  • Manual Metal Arc Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas Welding
  • Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
  • Metal Active Gas Welding
  • Tubular Cored Metal Arc Welding with Active Gas and Oxy-acetylene welding

Why us

  • We do the right things with precision, pace and passion.
  • We believe our credit is the worthiest property of us.
  • We challenge ourselves to improve constantly and continuously.
  • We create sustainable growth.


Nik Bazdid, as a conformity assessment body, has established its general policy and commitment in order to provide quality services and customer satisfaction, by meeting the requirements appropriately. Thus, in line with this vision and in order to determine a framework for setting quality objectives, the Nik Bazdid commits itself to establish its conformity assessment system based on the ISO / IEC 17024 model and its certification plan based on the ISO 9712: 2012 provide a good platform to prove the organization's commitment to continuous improvement and meeting all applicable requirements in the company.

The main axes of Nik Bazdid policy are as follows:

  • Improving the quantitative and qualitative level of services provided to candidates receiving certificates
  • Commitment to observe the principles of impartiality in issuing certificates
  • Confidentiality of all information related to the candidates in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Metal Active Gas Welding
  • Establishing the necessary security to hold exams fairly
  • Upgrading the competencies of the company's employees, including examiners and people involved in issuing certificates
  • Efforts to increase the satisfaction of the candidates receiving the company's services
  • Commitment to observe safety principles in exam centers and take necessary measures to prevent accidents
  • Handling complaints and requests for reconsideration in a completely fair and confidential manner
  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement in the level of company infrastructure and equipment used in exams

We believe that carrying out of the above, in parallel with accurate understanding of responsibilities, implementing of all procedures and work instructions as well as corrective and preventive measures can be effective in improving the quality of the company's services, which is achieved by cooperation and empathy of all employees and stakeholders.

Impartial committee

Members of this committee are completely independent from the Nik Bazdid staff. These members are often selected from companies, government agencies, and stakeholder organizations by the conformity assessment body manager, for example: technical inspection companies, national oil and gas companies, or the related Societies. The members should be arranged in such a way that none of the stakeholders is the dominant group in the committee. All institutions, organizations and companies active in this field can send their membership application in this committee to our email info@nikbazdid.com.

Certification Management Committee

In order to have explicit process of certifying candidates, this process shall be done in certification committee. This committee includes experienced Level 3 experts, who are selected by conformity assessment body manager. Beside being committed to the principles of impartiality, these experts shall have a valid level 3 certificates in the requested methods by candidate.